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Finding the right solution for your business model and then implementing it successfully is a daunting task. At Premier Design Systems we have the experience and knowledge to help you identify and implement the most appropriate solution for your business.

As an expert Oracle solution provider we provide a full range of value added Consulting services for Oracle database administration, analysis, design, programming and development services specializing in Oracle Internet Developer Suite, Oracle Forms/Reports, Oracle RDBMS, JDeveloper, Oracle Application Server and Oracle Collaboration Suite.

For over 15 years Premier Design Systems has been providing complete ERP and Accounting Systems solutions for small and med-sized businesses. Our leading-edge professional services and training programs ensure efficient implementation and continued, long-term success. Premier Design Systems offers affordable pricing, accelerated implementation, and comprehensive support packages that yield unbeatable total cost of ownership.

Accounting (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our team of experienced consultants, with a firm understanding of business processes, will help you select, design, install and configure your new application. As part of the implementation process they will define your business processes, configure & customize your application to meet your unique business needs and integrate it with your other business applications.

Premier Design Systems offers complete Sales, Installation, Upgrade, Implementation, Customization, Training, Support and Consulting Services for the following Integrated Business Solution suites:

Data Migrations

With the process of changing to a new information technology or business process system many clients would like their existing data to be integrated into the new system. We have the experience and capabilities to convert your data to achieve a seamless transition and ready access to historical information.

Software Customization

You can benefit from our years of experience and technical expertise integrating business applications and developing customized applications. We routinely develop interfaces to existing custom applications to create seamless functionality for our clients.

Typical custom applications range from the time saving automation of routine data formating and importing to special reports to the development of an industry or client specific application that must integrate with back office order processing and accounting systems.

Premier Design Systems offers complete application development services where we build your entire software solution from the ground up as well as custom "add-on" solutions that further enhance the return on your current software investment. We work with you to first clearly identify and define your needs, then put together a project plan to deliver your custom application in a mutually agreed upon timeframe.

Our development focus is centered on PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports and JAVA.

Oracle Database & Application Server

Expert architecture, design, installation, administration and support services for all operating platforms.

Web Solutions

Design and implementation services for the integration of existing Business Applications with Internet Technologies for deployment of Internet, Intranet or Extranet solutions.

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