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Premier Design Systems is an Oracle solution company, providing implementation and support services for the complete line of Oracle Technology Solutions. Our Oracle Systems Practice focuses on the design, development and maintenance of customer applications that use Oracle’s world-leading Technology products.

    Oracle Database Solutions Overview Database

    Oracle 11g, Oracle 10g, Oracle9i, Oracle8i, Oracle7

    Businesses choose Oracle Database more than any other for its performance, reliability, and security. Designed for all enterprises, Oracle Database 10g and 11g delivers unique self-diagnosing and self-tuning features, making it easier than ever to guarantee system performance and reliability.

    Get the world's most popular database priced for your business. Make the most efficient use of your hardware and IT resources, deliver response times your users demand, reduce downtime, secure for your business, and invest in technology that will grow with as you do. Find out how this adds up to be the best cost-benefit platform for your business.

    Oracle Application Server Overview Application Server - Oracle 10gAS and Oracle9iAS

    Oracle Application Server 10g offers a comprehensive solution for developing, integrating, and deploying your enterprise's applications, portals, and Web sites, all based on a powerful and scalable J2EE server, a complete business integration suite, and portal software that trounces the competition. As the only platform designed for grid computing and providing full SOA lifecycle support, Oracle Application Server gives you unmatched scalability, availability, manageability and security.

    Oracle Application Server 10g offers the industry's fastest, most complete and integrated J2EE -- certified application server. Oracle Application Server has revolutionized the fast growing application server market by being first to integrate all the technology to deploy e-business portals, transactional applications, and Web Services in a single product.

    Oracle Application Server 10g is an integrated platform for developing and deploying all your business applications, portals and Web sites, and the first middleware platform designed for grid computing. Oracle Application Server 10g simplifies middleware complexity and saves you money with full support for J2EE and grid computing, built-in enterprise portal software, high-speed caching, business intelligence, rapid application development, application and business integration, wireless capabilities, Web services and more, pre-integrated in a single product. Oracle Application Server 10g offers unmatched scalability, reliability and security to keep your critical business applications up and running, and advanced management features to make your systems easier to manage and more flexible.

    Oracle Application Server 10g helps organizations of all sizes be more responsive to changing business requirements. Over 16,000 customers use Oracle's application server to run fast, reliable Java applications and portals, while reducing costs and streamlining their data centers. If you're using the Oracle database, you can build on your existing Oracle skills and knowledge and take advantage of unique capabilities that make Oracle Application Server the best application server for the Oracle Database.

    Oracle Application Server 10g is available in three versions to meet your needs:

    • The Enterprise Edition is an application platform suite that offers complete business operational visibility by extending core J2EE and portal offerings with business integration, business activity monitoring, business intelligence, identity management, and wireless solutions.
    • The Standard Edition is an application server designed to unify access to information assets and home-grown J2EE applications in one common enterprise portal.
    • The Java Edition is a scalable J2EE server that holds the industry record for best price/performance, and features the #1 Java-to-relational persistence software and a Java IDE eWeek lauded as "second to none."

    Oracle Developer Suite Overview Oracle Development Tools

    Oracle10g Developer Suite, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, JDeveloper, SQL Devloper

    Oracle offers a complete and integrated set of application development and business intelligence tools that supports any development approach, any technology platform, and any operating system. Oracle Developer Suite and Oracle JDeveloper accelerate the development of high-quality business applications and services based on the latest standards and at the lowest cost.

    Oracle Development Tools include:

    • Oracle JDeveloper: a comprehensive Java and Web services IDE, lauded as "second to none" by eWEEK, that offers application developers productivity with freedom of technology choice.
    • Oracle BPEL Process Manager: A complete product for orchestrating, executing, monitoring, and optimizing Web services and business processes that InfoWorld called "cream of the crop."
    • Oracle Developer Suite: a family of tools for reporting, business intelligence, J2EE development, and application and data warehouse design.

    Collabroration Suite Overview Collaboration Suite - Integrated Email, Calendar, Files, Ultra Search, Voice Mail, Fax and Web Conferencing

    Oracle Collaboration Suite provides your organization with integrated tools to improve productivity and start managing information like a real corporate asset. What if Web conferencing, content management, email, voicemail and calendar applications all worked together -- with the ability to store and search information using the power of the Oracle Database? Give your employees the tools they need to communicate anywhere using any device, in real time.

    Oracle Datawarehouse adn Busienss Intelligence Overview Datawarehouse and Business Intelligence

    The biggest threat to your business is a lack of timely and accurate information. Without all the facts, you're pressured to make critical business decisions and assess risks and opportunities based on guesswork, resulting in financial losses and missed opportunities. Only Oracle delivers a complete Business Intelligence (BI) platform, so you can manage, access, and analyze all your business data faster and at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

    Oracle Business Intelligence 10g is designed to reduce the cost and complexity associated with building and deploying BI solutions. It features award-winning BI tools from ad-hoc query, reporting and analysis to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) to BI application development, and more, in a single, affordable, and comprehensive package.

    Oracle Business Intelligence 10g includes:

    • Oracle Discoverer: provides access to relational and OLAP data and supports user-driven customizable dashboards.
    • Spreadsheet Add-in: enables end users to display and navigate Oracle OLAP data from within Excel. (PDF)
    • Oracle Reports Services: high-fidelity enterprise reporting.
    • Oracle Warehouse Builder: graphical environment used to rapidly design, deploy, and manage BI solutions.
    • Oracle Business Intelligence Beans: enables developers to quickly build powerful BI applications

    Oracle Warehouse Builder 10g (OWB) is the only enterprise business intelligence integration design tool that manages the full life-cycle of data and metadata for the Oracle 10g Database. It provides an easy to use, graphical environment to rapidly design, deploy, and manage business intelligence systems.

    Oracle Warehouse Builder 10g is a tool to enable the design and deployment of Business Intelligence applications, data warehouses and data marts. Warehouse Builder enables users to design their own Business Intelligence application from start to finish. Dimensional design, ETL process design, extraction from disparate source systems, extensive metadata reporting and integration with Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Workflow and Oracle Enterprise Manager enable an integrated Business Intelligence solution with Warehouse Builder at the core.

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